Energy Boosters

From embracing new-age therapy to revisiting traditional techniques, spa esprit captures the best of both worlds to offer fresh alternatives to supply you with good vibes from the inside out.

Super Vibrator
Sound on, world off. Get your energy in order with Super Vibrator, an engaging journey that heals you from the inside out. It begins with a personal energy mapping consultation, following which we prescribe a healing essential oil blend to be used during your 90 minutes massage. Conclude this experience with a reverberative sound healing experience using Tibetan Singing Bowls & Tingsha to gently coax your body into a relaxed, mediative state.
120mins: $250
Energy Reading
We map out your energetic blueprint with the help of a bio-feedback energy machine that works based on thermal energetics, a system that visualises your energy weaknesses, which manifests as sore points in your body. This insight into your energetic well-being helps us better prescribe the remedial essential oil blend to incorporate into your massage.
10mins: $50
Uplift your energy centres with a sound healing experience, using ancient practices like Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tingsha. Recalibrate your energy map for brighter days ahead and be prepared to lull into a deep, relaxed state.
20mins: $80


Spa Esprit, your favourite homegrown apothecary spa since 1996. Redefining the now archaic spa formula with creative customised blend products, facial and massages. Each treat has been carefully crafted with you in mind.

Fastdraw Back
All that back busting work calls for a stress busting massage. All you need is 30 minutes before you can wave good riddance to those chronic back spasms.
30mins: $80
Classic Scentsational
Looking for a classic, fuss-free massage? Try one of the 16 aromatic blends folded into this muscle-rejuvenating treatment. Using a combination of Swedish, Hawaiian and Indonesian strokes, you’ll fall in love at first whiff.
60mins: $135 / 90mins: $195
House Proud
Using a mighty blend of Black Pepper and Ginger direct from Mother Nature, boost your blood circulation with this organic concoction that opens up the body’s circulation channels and prepares it for the perfect, pressure point Tui Na technique. We never miss a spot!
60mins: $135 / 90mins: $195
Tui Na
This ancient form of bodywork has been used by the Chinese for centuries. Highly esteemed for its ability to release the musculoskeletal tension that builds up in the body (due to daily stress), the Tui Na Massage uses a combination of acupressure and other forms of body manipulation to apply direct pressure to your acupressure points, meridians and muscle and nerve groups to remove blockages and restore the free flow of your body’s “qi”.
60mins: $135 / 90mins: $195
Hot Stone
Get a fail-proof massage from the original purveyors of the Hot Stone Massage! Say goodbye to those achy breaky blues with this potent method that eases tight spots and cures acute muscle spasms. Using heated stones to soften your muscle’s tissues, the heat prepares your body for a deeper and more intensive series of strokes.
60mins: $150 / 90mins: $220
B.C. (before child) Massage
Carrying a baby in your body is no joke, and your back and calves are probably crying out for a good rub down! This organic massage is gentle yet firm enough to knead out the stress, pressure and tension in your body while improving blood circulation to de-stress muscles. Our organic Linden and Calendula wonder workers also help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Baby blues? Nada! However, we do recommend that you do this treatment after your first trimester.
60mins: $150 / 90mins: $220

Body Treatments

Redefining the archaic spa formula with creative customised blend products, facial and massages. Each treat has been carefully crafted with you in mind.

Mud Stone Massage
Warm Hungarian mud stones are the highlight of this treatment. A heated and detoxifying slab of mud is slathered all over your skin before you are cooled off with a refreshing flower essence. You can simultaneously enjoy a deep acupressure massage on your scalp, face and neck.
90mins: $250
Cheeky Chai Detox
Detox baby! Steer clear of the fog of toxic energy with a chai drainage massage and heated, fragrant mud. Coupled with Dead Sea mud and a heady mix of spices such as Cardamon, Clove and Cinnamon, these natural decongestant busters help flush out the impurities from your body. This potent herbal mix is spread all over your body to boost your lymph circulation and can help you shed the pounds at the same time!
105mins: $280
Body Lift
Technology that helps in giving stubborn cellulite a little nudge. Radio Frequency works deep into the skin dermis layer to target fat cells, helping you to achieve a firmer and sculpted physique.
30mins: $150
Emsculpt is the world’s first non-invasive body sculpting treatment that simultaneously encourages muscle growth and fat burning in just 30 minutes. Tone up without any pain or downtime! This advanced body treatment directs high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to fat and muscle. This allows your muscles to contract in a way that’s not feasible through exercise – by inducing the equivalent of up to 20,000 crunches or squats in just half an hour to strengthen muscle fibers, burn unwanted fat and achieve an ideal body contour.

Arms: $500
Stomach: $650
Butt: $650


Our wide range of facials has been carefully crafted with you in mind. Whether you need to heal that acne-prone skin, or hydrate & moisturize that delicate layer, we’ve been re-innovating classic formulas paired with the best products to suit your skin troubles.

Triple Algae-rithm
Perfect for that post-travel mess, this detoxifying facial rejuvenates clogged skin, before rounding off with a detox vitamin cream for a hydrating finish. An ampoule with algae active fluid helps inject rich minerals deep into your skin – perhaps time to invest in some skin insurance?
75mins: $180
Ultra-Replenishing Facial
Combat weak skin structure and dehydrated skin with our secret weapon of customised botanicals loaded with antioxidants, multi-vitamins and collagen to boost, nourish and heal. This healing facial delivers an extra boost with an ultra sonic machine that ensures that all these goodies reach deep into your skin to revive cell tissues, excrete skin waste and facilitate skin metabolism. A hydrating serum is also used to combat aging and revitalise fatigue and environmentally damaged skin.
75mins: $180
Crystal Tonic Facial
Which girl doesn’t dream of crystal clear skin? Even if you have had gone through the roughest patches of puberty (literally), there’s always a cure. Crystal Tonic uses a new diamond peel procedure that is non-surgical and gentle on your skin. This painless session uses a controlled application of a diamond coated sloughing device that softens fine lines, lightens age spots and improves skin texture and colour. Now you can enjoy that peachy glow too!
75mins: $180
The Mask Avenger
Masks might save lives but may have villainous effects to the skin – trapped bacteria, moisture and friction create a perfect storm that can lead to breakouts, inflammation, itching and hyperpigmentation.

Our anti-maskne facial is here to save your skin from frequent mask wearing. By using an electric skin scrubber to remove dead skin and excess sebum before applying an electroporation mask to help active ingredients permeate deep into the dermal layer, break the acne cycle and return your complexion to superhero status.
90mins: $390
Stress Rescue I
Acne is a stubborn spell you can chase away — and we have the magic concoction! This targeted facial for sensitive and stressed, acne-prone skin features a customised collection of skin treats, including a dual-masking technique.
75mins: $215
Stress Rescue II
A complementary follow-up to Stress Rescue, every step in this ultra-soothing treatment for neuro-sensitive skin — including a specially blended serum — aids in repairing extra sensitive skin by re-mineralising and rehydrating those delicate layers.
75mins: $215
Gone & Pore-gotten
Enlisting the exfoliating powers of Babor’s acclaimed AHA 10+10 peel, this skin renewal facial texturises the skin and minimises its pores, thanks to an effective Exfolimax concoction that’s made with exactly 10% coordinated fruit acids and 10% antioxidants. Defence against aging is but a layer beneath!
75mins: $235
Wet Wet Wow
So much wow packed in one facial! If your skin is constantly suffering from dehydration, acne and hyper pigmentation, then this is the facial for you! Using the Wet Diamond technology to infuse your skin with a pharmaceutical cocktail, it detoxes and energises your complexion, resulting in skin that’s super soft and smooth.
75mins: $235
Star White Star Bright
Fight dark spots & protect your skin from damaging environmental factors with a dose of Dr Babor 20% pure Vitamin C concentrate. This potent antioxidant facial will boost your natural collagen production and have you shining bright like a star!
75mins: $268
Uplift your energy levels and reawaken a radiant complexion. This revolutionary facial features Corundum crystals to deeply exfoliate the skin to help it regain smoothness and vitality. Say hello to a youthful glow. *Only available at Great World City and Raffles City outlets.
60mins: $300
House Bungalow (With ultrasound)
An intensive regenerative treatment that’s perfect for both the ladies and gents with strained and stressed skin, the House Bungalow Facial uses a special ingredient that morphs to suit its host and heals from within. Injecting a botanical stem cell complex of hyaluronic acid and lipid acid into the skin, this efficacious treatment advocates that change starts from within, sweeping off dead cells and replacing them with new, youthful ones — perfect for pre- or post-surgical facial treatments.
80mins: $310
Heavy Lifting
Regain smooth and taut skin with a dose of Babor collagen complex, hyaluronic acid, and squalene in this facial that reduces lines and improves elasticity from within. It’s like a facelift without the needles!
90mins: $321
Botox & Fill (BFF)
The one facial you cannot let go of…BFF intensely firms and fills in just one session. A combo of Botox peptides and BTX polysaccharide smoothens expression lines, evens out wrinkles and firmly tucks in any peek of a double chin. Then a trio of medical-grade serums work to optimise your skin’s collagen and elastic fibres into a dense, even structure for a nourished, lifted and perfectly glowing contour.

Now at an introductory price of $150.
80mins: $321
Fragile Friendly
Feeling raw? Your skin’s about to be gently pampered with our newly developed treatment, which aids in soothing extremely sensitive and inflamed skin by healing its damaged layer. If you’ve got atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or undergone a recent chemical peel or laser treatment, this one’s a no-brainer.
75mins: $325
Fragile Friendlier
If no amount of moisture can hydrate your dry and flaky skin, then this might just quench its thirst. This follow-up to the Fragile Friendly re-mineralises and acidify the skin that’s plagued with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, making it smooth, plump and comfortable from the inside out.
75mins: $325
Agent A16
Go from troubled to trouble-free! Delivering the effects of Retinol A without the harsh peeling, this facial resurfaces uneven and pigmented skin to bring forth natural radiance. Suitable for dull, oily or combination skin, pigmentation is greatly reduced so you can achieve clear skin safely and comfortably.
90mins: $350
Beam Me Up
As naturally healing Near Infrared (NIR) light waves travel deep into your skin, they rev up cell metabolism, collagen fibres and elastin anew for visibly lifted and firmer skin…the only way is up! Bask in a glorious afterglow with juicy plumped up lines, downsized pores and brightly beaming skin. Add to our other marvelicious facials for an enlightening boost.

*Only available at Wheelock Place.
75mins: $350
VPL Power
Warm up to our VPL Power Facial! Using variable pulsed light, witness the miracle of immediate results while experiencing less discomfort and a faster healing time (as compared to its predecessor, IPL). Specifically tailored to treat sun damaged, aging, wrinkled and pigmented skin, VPL helps to erase problems such as rosaceous, thread veins and acne. Rejuvenate your skin and smoothen out imperfections under one clean sweep of light.

Type of facial settings available:

a. Face Lift

b. Pore Minimise

c. Acne Control

d. Pigmentation

e. Whitening
75mins: $350
Lift Off
Radio Frequency (RF) energy penetrates deep into the sub-dermal layers of your skin to tighten it while sealing its pores. The pain-free energy stimulates blood circulation and expels toxins embedded within, resulting in firmer, tighter skin.
90mins: $350
Splash & Glow
This revolutionary electroporation diffusion system allows us to inject your skin with a mixture of revitalising gems that penetrate even the deepest layer of your skin. With an absorption rate of over 90%, our system helps to significantly lift and tighten your skin.
75mins: $375
Watch Your Back Treat
This back facial battles dull looking and blemished skin on your hind. If you learn to watch your back, then others certainly will too, in envy that is!
60mins: $130
75mins: $380 (with machine)
Eyes Wide Open Treat
There’s no question about it, tired eyes make you look dull and old. Our revolutionary Wet Microdermabrasion technology infuses your eye area with a hydrating and soothing cocktail of Hyaluronic Acid, Chamomile and Aloe Vera to a miraculous effect. This pain-free treatment instantly reduces eye bags, dark eye circles and fine lines, restoring life back to your peepers!
$58 (without machine)
$107 (with machine)
Lip Smacker Treat
Your lips don’t lie. It’s hard to pucker up when you possess dehydrated and discoloured lips that are always cracked. Our Wet Microdermabrasion technology uses a non-invasive technique to smoothen and firm up the lip surface and bring your lip colour back to its original healthy shade. Now you can smack your lips up good!
Neck-To-Neck Treat
Too shy to stick out your neck? Our neck treatment gets rid of those unsightly wrinkles and gives you a reason to hold your head high!
$100 (without machine)
$190 (with machine)
Eye Massage
15mins: $35