Classic Scentsational
60 mins: $135 / 90 mins: $195
An indulgent, classic oil massage to bring about complete and utter relaxation of both your body and mind.
Take your pick of our range of 9 essential oil blends and immerse in a blissful ritual combining aromatherapy with traditional Swedish, Indonesian and Hawaiian massage techniques. The perfect remedy for stiff, sore muscles and mental stress and tension.
Relaxing Long Stroke
House Proud
60 mins: $135 / 90 mins: $195
Enjoy all the benefits of a classic oil massage, with a firm acupressure touch to open up better circulation.
Gently ease into the massage with classic Swedish, Hawaiian and Indonesian strokes, folded in with your choice of 1 of our 9 essential oil blends. An acupressure technique releases deeper joint and muscle tension, so that you emerge feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Deep Tissue & Long Stroke
Tui Na
60 mins: $135 / 90 mins: $195
Hit all the right spots to release built-up stress, remove blockages and restore the free flow of your body’s “qi”.
Traditional Tui Na acupressure is skillfully applied to your acupoints, meridians and muscle and nerve groups, sweeping away toxins while improving your body’s lymphatic circulation. An intensive ritual to restore your inner harmony.
Deep Tissue & Kneading
60 mins: $125 / 90 mins: $185
A thoroughly intensive oil and acupressure treatment to undo the tightest knots and release the deepest tension.
An acupressure massage technique using the palm and thumbs is used to target specific pressure points, relieving stiff and sore muscles and joints. Accompanied by traditional Indonesian and Swedish massage strokes, as well as your pick of our 9 essential oil blends.
Deep Tissue & Long Stroke
B.C. (Before Child) Massage
60 mins: $150 / 90 mins: $220
Knead away pregnancy-related stress, water retention and muscle tension with this gentle prenatal massage, specially designed for expectant mothers (12 weeks and above).
Allow yourself to drift into blissful relaxation with gentle, soothing palm strokes. Mandarin oil helps to nourish your skin, helping to prevent stretch marks as your body accommodates to your pregnancy. A recommended ritual to enjoy after your first trimester.
Gentle Long Stroke
Fast Drawback
30 mins: $80
The closest you’ll come to instant rejuvenation! Enjoy all the benefits of a classic back massage, in half the time taken.
Swiftly melt away stress and tension in your body with our signature combination of Swedish, Hawaiian and Indonesian massage techniques. A must if you’re in dire need of a quick fix.

Hot Stone
60 mins: $150 / 90mins: $220
Enter an even deeper state of relaxation with a combination of hot stones and warm pressure.
Feel the tension and stress leave your body as you experience a relaxing long-stroke massage with your pick of our 9 essential oil blends. Heated stones are then firmly placed to warm your body and soften your muscle tissues. This soothing experience can also help you enjoy more restful sleep.
Deep Tissue & Long Stroke
Mudstone Massage
90 mins: $250
A warming mud wrap and massage duo that eliminates toxins while you relax.
Warm Hungarian mud moisturiser is slathered onto your skin, accompanied by a soothing and warm long-stroke stone massage. Relax tense muscles and detox your skin after with a 10-minute body wrap. While wrapped, enjoy an invigorating scalp massage to rejuvenate your senses. Then unwrap, shower, and feel completely renewed.
Relaxing & Detoxifying
Cheeky Chai Detox
105 mins: $280
Experience head-to-toe renewal with a purifying detox for your body and skin.
An essential oil blend of Cardamom, Clove and Cinnamon is first folded into your body with a gentle massage. A moisturising lavender paraffin wax and French Green Clay wrap is then applied, followed by a heated blanket which is placed on your body for 30 mins. A scalp massage helps you unwind as you detox before the wax mix is finally sloughed off.
Super Vibrator
120 mins: $250
Tune your energy to harmonious frequency with a relaxing meditative experience.
Begin with a biofeedback energy reading measuring your personal energy map. A custom essential oil blend matching your frequency is then kneaded into your body in a soothing Hawaiian style Lomi Lomi massage technique. The ritual ends with a reverberative sound
healing experience of Tibetan Singing Bowl and Tingsha bells to gently coax your energy to its optimal frequency.
Energy & Sound Healing
Energy Reading
10 mins: $50
We map out your energy blueprint with the help of a biofeedback energy machine that works based on thermal energetics, a system that visualises your energy weaknesses, which manifests as energy blocks in your body. This insight into your energetic well-being helps us to prescribe the remedial Plantation blend for your treatments or to bring home.
20 mins: $80
Uplift your energy centres with a sound healing experience, using ancient practices like the
Tibetan Singing Bowl and Tingsha bells. Recalibrate your energy map and be prepared to lull into a deep, relaxed state.
45 mins: $90
Scalp Massage
15 mins: $35
Hand Massage
15 mins: $35
Feet Massage
15 mins: $35
15 mins: $45
RF Body (Body Lift)
30 mins: $150