Company Policy


1. We are committed to offer Goods and Services of satisfactory quality as defined in the Sales of Goods Act S14(2), Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and Lemon Law.

2. We provide an insurance cover note (AVA Insurance Pte Ltd) to our customer upon purchase, in order to protect customers who have made pre-payments, including but are not limited to packages/ vouchers to the business.

3. The AVA insurance and prepaid package is valid for 2 years from date of purchase & the maximum insurance per certificate will be $10,000. The insurance will compensate spa customers for unutilised package value in the event of spa closure.

4. The AVA Certificate of Insurance will be re-issued for the remaining value of the package upon expiration after 12 months.

5. All pre-payments including, but are not limited to packages and gift vouchers will be covered by AVA insurance.

Clear Fee Policy

6. Our Company is GST-registered under 201912901H. We will honour all prices stated in the spa menu, shelf talker, advertisements & promotions to include 7% GST.

7. We will display discounted price clearly in the premise.

8. We do not over or under charge and we ensure correct change is given to the customers.

9. We will inform and seek customer approval in advance for any additional services and top up services or upgrade of product.

10. We will honour the prices quoted at the time of booking for treatments, spa packages & other related services.

11. We accept original spa vouchers issued by our Company, which must be presented prior to treatment.

12. We accept payment modes in cash (SGD), Nets, Visa, Master & American Express.

13. We offer a 5 working day cooling period, (excluding Saturday, Sunday & public holidays) during which you may request for a full refund for all fully or partially paid packages and unused products purchased.

14. We will only offer to refund 50% of the deposit paid for packages purchased if the transaction is cancelled within one month. For transactions cancelled after one month, no refunds will be made. We do not accept deposits for any appointments/reservations made.

15. If there is no cancellation of the packages, the deposit will be valid for 2 years, which is the duration of the package.

16. We allow packages to be transferable or exchangeable for products/services, after the 5 working day cooling period (excluding Saturday, Sunday & public holidays). Payee can request for refund on valid medical grounds. (*requires supporting medical documents). (There will be a 10% admin charge on initial package purchase & used treatment will be reverted to a la carte value)

17. All refunds may be made via cheque, interbank transfer (or credit card reversal) within 14 working days.

18. Customers may feedback their experiences via

19. If complaints/feedback is not resolved, customers may contact other authorities (e.g Case) for assistance.

Stress Free Treatment

20. We do not engage in selling activities or any form of selling tactics during treatments and in treatment rooms.

21. We serve both male & female customers.

22. We guarantee our service standards. Customers can request for a change of therapist within the first 10 minutes of treatment if service is unsatisfactory.

23. We are committed to ensure all customers’ data are kept strictly private. All customers’ particulars are solely for the purpose of completing sales transactions.

24. We are committed to our therapist being formally trained to meet training standards in accordance with prevailing CAT 1 massage licence requirements stipulated by the Licensing Authority.

25. Monthly briefings are held to remind staff not to make any unethical promises to customers, which are not part of the Company’s advertising and promotion package. Any staff found guilty of making unrealistic/unethical promises will be given a stern warning.


SPA ESPRIT will inform CaseTrust in writing of any change(s) 7 days before implementation of the following changes.

◻ ACRA business profile, Ownership, Partners, Directors, Legal Entity Name
◻ ME Licence, Establishment name, ME Licensee
◻ Contact person for CaseTrust, Name, Designation, Contact number, Email
◻ Mailing address
◻ Outlet address
◻ Business contact
◻ Policies
◻ Additional/Cessation of outlets
◻ Withdraw collection of prepayment

SPA ESPRIT will seek approval from CaseTrust prior to implementation of the following:

◻ Implementation of prepayment
◻ Change of accredited outlet address

SPA ESPRIT will inform CaseTrust in writing immediately:

◻ If there has been no collection of prepayment and/or input of prepaid customers’ data into the approved Prepayment Protection System for 15 continuous days.