body treatments

Spa Esprit, your favourite homegrown apothecary spa since 1996. Redefining the now archaic spa formula with creative customised blend products, facial and massages. Each treat has been carefully crafted with you in mind.

A.D. (after delivery) massage


Concentrating on the main areas affected by post delivery cellulite, a warm fat-blasting paprika blend is applied to the entire body, and then massaged in using a special pummel method. Using a Stone Crop lotion that eliminates stubborn fat lodged along the thigh area, this is a miracle treatment for mommies who miss their pre-pregnancy figure! For best results, it is recommended to undergo 6 to 10 sessions.

B.C. (before child) massage


Carrying a baby in your body is no joke, and your back and calves are probably crying out for a good rub down! This organic massage is gentle yet firm enough to knead out the stress, pressure and tension in your body while improving blood circulation to de-stress muscles. Our organic Linden and Calendula wonder workers also help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Baby blues? Nada! However, we do recommend that you do this treatment after your first trimester.

cheeky chai detox


Detox baby! Steer clear of the fog of toxic energy with a chai drainage massage and heated, fragrant mud. Coupled with Dead Sea mud and a heady mix of spices such as Cardamon, Clove and Cinnamon, these natural decongestant busters help flush out the impurities from your body. This potent herbal mix is spread all over your body to boost your lymph circulation and can help you shed the pounds at the same time!

classic scrub a dub-dub


A neck to toe body scrub that revitalises and invigorates.

Choose from:

a. Premium tea tree flakes (known for their antiseptic and antiviral properties) blended with essential oils for a tingly and refreshing experience

b. Yummy chunks of strawberry and fine sugar grains gently exfoliate and moisturise your skin while pampering it with Vitamin C and fresh strawberries. Especially effective at soothing

strawberry butter meltdown


This is one meltdown we approve of! Spend 90 minutes reveling in an intoxicating concoction of berries and warm melted butter, generously spread all over your body, and feel the tension slide right off. Heat from the melted butter uncoils those stubborn muscle knots while the fresh strawberry sugar scrub sloughs off dead cells, leaving you all sweetened up.

vampirella wrap


The Vampirella Wrap envelops your problem spots in a hot garlic mask. Garlic is the perfect slimming antidote, which upon penetration of your skin, works on dissolving fatty tissues and any hidden cellulite. Combining garlic cream and heat, this is the perfect treatment if you intend on shedding those pounds!

wheat gerrefic treat


We’ve swooped the traditional oil base for a rich, creamy blend of plants and veggies. A yummy pulp of antioxidant plumped-up Wheatgrass, healing Aloe Vera and soothing Bergamot is slathered all over your body to detoxify, moisturise and re-calibrate both dry and oily skins.